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This website provides information about Amateur Radio Operators, including other Volunteer Communications Groups and their ability to provide auxiliary communications in the interest of public safety and service.


This website is maintained by Emergency Communications Ontario Association Inc., our mission is to develop and maintain the leadership and organizational structure necessary to provide auxiliary volunteer radio communications support to Emergency Management Ontario and local municipal agencies when additional or specialized communications are required by Emergency Operations Centres to support public safety or humanitarian needs.

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Updated March 26 2014

The latest CANWARN venue dates are now available on the CANWARN Page

The Red Cross in Toronto are looking for volunteers, click on the Red Cross Logo on the left for more information.

Tuesday March 19 2014 ECOA Insurance

ECOA Insurance General Liability Coverage.

Due to financial constraints as of February 28 2013 this insurance is no longer available. To cover yourself and your equipment at your home, would have to be under your personal liability insurance. The only other coverage that is available is through your local Amateur Radio club. The Club must be Incorporated and be an affiliated member of RAC and have purchased the RAC insurance. This insurance only covers events that your club has reported and received certificates of insurance covering the event. For further information contact your local club.


Monday March 19 2014

If you have any nets you would like to have listed here send to contact@ecoa.ca and we will add them to the Ontario nets information page. If there is enough interest we can change that to a canada wide list. See our Ontario nets section (please note it is still under construction)




ECOA - "To Serve and Communicate"

This website will continue to bring up to date information regarding EmComm in Ontario. ECOA Directors will also continue to provide leadership and forward thinking into the Ontario EMComm Amateur Radio Service, working with the various ARES and NGAs within Ontario. Together we can build a sustainable communication service that is effective and reliable for future use in Disaster communications. Malcolm Kendall VE3BGD Secretary/Treasurer ECOA

1. Effective online Amateur Radio and EmComm training material and resources.

3. The latest EmComm news events available on two online websites and also a linked Blog for comments and postings related to Emergency Communications.

4. Free e-mail alias server, your callsign @ ecoa.ca

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