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Emergency Communications Ontario Association Inc.
Membership Registration is no longer open

Regular Membership: $ 15.00 
- Must have a valid amateur radio license, eligible to vote or hold office. Regular members will be provided personal coverage under our blanket liability insurance policy for Field Day, public service events and exercises. 

Associate Membership: $15.00
- Is intended for those persons interested in Amateur Radio Emergency Service activities who do not yet hold a valid amateur radio license, and are not eligible to vote or hold office.

Group Membership:
- Is intended for ARES/EmComm Groups & Radio Clubs. Groups and clubs that join ECOA will become a local chapter of ECOA which will entitle them for liability insurance coverage for their group and provided a certificate of coverage for Field Day, public service events and exercises. Please contact our head office for club/group rates.

Please fill out all questions on the registration form, once you hit the submit button you will be re-direct to the membership payment page where you will be given the option to use our secure online payment option using credit card via PAY-PAL or you can send your payment to our Office at the address below

Thank you for your support,