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Ontario Provincial Communications Networks
Thursday and Sunday Evenings at 8:00 pm (20:00)
through your local IRLP node to the
Ontario Public Service Reflector 9035
Experimental IRLP Reflector: 0040
Backup Reflector # 9005

HF Network: Sundays at 1:00 pm (13:00) on 7.080 MHz.

Emergency Communications Ontario Association and Ontario ARES is dedicated to providing an auxiliary emergency communications network utilizing a wide range of telecommunications equipment and technology, and through objective planning of these resources to deliver a quality communications system that meets the needs of our served clients at the Municipal and Provincial Government levels in the interest of Public Safety and Service. 

In the event of a declared emergency these networks would be used to pass emergency traffic between Provincial and Municipal Emergency Operations Centres as well as local ARES Groups, providing coverage of all Ontario Districts. The primary HF emergency traffic frequencies are 7.080Mhz. and 3.742Mhz. 

ALBANY Sault Ste. Marie|Algoma|Elliot Lake|Cochrane|Timmins
AMETHYST Thunder Bay|Kenora|Dryden|Fort Frances|Atikokan 
BRUCE Grey-Bruce|Kincardine|Owen Sound|Guelph|Orangeville
CAPITAL / SEAWAY Ottawa|Renfrew|Brockville|Cornwall
GOLDEN HORSESHOE Hamilton|Kitchener|Niagara|Brantford
GTA Durham|York|Peel|Halton|Burlington|Toronto|Oakville
KILLARNEY Sudbury|Manitoulin Island|North Shore
LAKES Barrie|Orillia|Simcoe County|Muskoka 
LOYALIST Kingston|Frontenac|Belleville
MAGNETAWAN Parry Sound|North Bay|Nipissing 
ST. CLAIR Windsor|Essex|Chatham|Sarnia
SEVERN Kawartha Lakes|Haliburton|Peterborough
TECUMSEH London|St. Thomas|Woodstock
Note: changes are required to a stock IRLP node to enable connectivity to Experimental IRLP Reflectors:

The following procedure outlines the changes required to a stock IRLP node to enable connectivity to Experimental IRLP Reflectors:

Manual Method
Login to the IRLP node as user 'root' 
cd /home/irlp/custom 
Edit the environment file using an editor such as vi, pico, nano, etc...
Add the following line 

Save the modified environment file 
While in the /home/irlp/custom directory restart the IRLP node with the following command: 

Test out the changes by connecting to the IRLP Reflector '0040' 
Disconnect with the usual '73' 

Automated Method
Download the update script here
Copy to your IRLP node into the /tmp folder 
Execute the script with ./EXPsetup.sh 
Follow steps 7, 8, and 9 as in the manual process. 

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