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ARL Numbered Text
Group One--For Possible "Relief Emergency" Use

ONE--Everyone safe here. Please don't worry.

TWO--Coming home as soon as possible.

THREE--Am in ____ hospital. Receiving excellent care and recovering fine.

FOUR--Only slight property damage here. Do not be concerned about disaster reports.

FIVE--Am moving to new location. Send no further mail or communication. Will inform you of new address when relocated.

SIX--Will contact you as soon as possible.

SEVEN--Please reply by Amateur Radio through the amateur delivering this message. This is a free public service.

EIGHT--Need additional _____ mobile or portable equipment for immediate emergency use.

NINE--Additional _____ radio operators needed to assist with emergency at this location.

TEN--Please contact ______. Advise to standby and provide further emergency information, instructions or assistance.

ELEVEN--Establish Amateur Radio emergency communications with ______ on _____ MHz.

TWELVE--Anxious to hear from you. No word in some time. Please contact me as soon as possible.

THIRTEEN--Medical emergency situation exits here.

FOURTEEN--Situation here becoming critical. Losses and damage from ____ increasing.

FIFTEEN--Please advise your condition and what help is needed.

SIXTEEN--Property damage very severe in this area.

SEVENTEEN--REACT communications services also available. Establish REACT communication with ______ on channel _____.

EIGHTEEN--Please contact me as soon as possible at _______.

NINETEEN--Request health and welfare report on______. (State name, address and telephone number.)

TWENTY--Temporarily stranded. Will need some assistance. Please contact me at ______.

TWENTY ONE--Search and Rescue assistance is needed by local authorities here.Advise availability.

TWENTY TWO--Need accurate information on the extent and type of conditions now existing at your location. Please furnish this information and reply without delay.

TWENTY THREE--Report at once the accessibility and best way to reach your location.

TWENTY FOUR--Evacuation of residents from this area urgently needed. Advise plans for help.

TWENTY FIVE--Furnish as soon as possible the weather conditions at your location.

TWENTY SIX--Help and care for evacuation of sick and injured from this location needed at once.

Group Two--Routine messages

FORTY SIX--Greetings on your birthday and best wishes for many more to come.

FIFTY--Greetings by Amateur Radio.

FIFTY ONE--Greetings by Amateur Radio. This message is sent as a free public service by ham radio operators at ______. Am having a wonderful time.

FIFTY TWO--Really enjoyed being with you. Looking forward to getting together again.

FIFTY THREE--Received your ______. It's appreciated; many thanks.

FIFTY FOUR--Many thanks for your good wishes.

FIFTY FIVE--Good news is always welcome. Very delighted to hear about yours.

FIFTY SIX--Congratulations on your ______, a most worthy and deserved achievement.

FIFTY SEVEN--Wish we could be together.

FIFTY EIGHT--Have a wonderful time. Let us know when you return.

FIFTY NINE--Congratulations on the new arrival. Hope mother and child are well.

* SIXTY--Wishing you the best of everything on ______.

SIXTY ONE--Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

* SIXTY TWO--Greetings and best wishes to you for a pleasant ______ holiday season.

SIXTY THREE--Victory or defeat, our best wishes are with you. Hope you win.

SIXTY FOUR--Arrived safely at ______.

SIXTY FIVE--Arriving ______ on ______. Please arrange to meet me there.

SIXTY SIX--DX QSLs are on hand for you at the ______ QSL Bureau. Send ______ self addressed envelopes.

SIXTY SEVEN--Your message number ______ undeliverable because of ______. Please advise.

SIXTY EIGHT--Sorry to hear you are ill. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

SIXTY NINE--Welcome to the ______. We are glad to have you with us and hope you will enjoy the fun and fellowship of the organization.

* Can be used for all holidays.