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Emergency Communications Ontario Association Inc.
38 River Street Apt1
Toronto ON M5A 3N9
E-Mail: contact@ecoa.ca
Mission Statement:
The Emergency Communications Ontario Association’s mission is to develop and maintain the leadership and organizational structure necessary to provide auxiliary radio communications support within the Province of Ontario. 
- When additional or specialized communications are required to support public safety or humanitarian needs. 
- When required, in support of Emergency Management Ontario during an emergency in the Province of Ontario.
- When Amateur Radio resources may help facilitate response or recovery in any emergency situation 
- When lives and property can be protected 
- When human suffering can be relieved 
- When Amateur Radio resources may help facilitate effective activities performed for the good of the general public 

The Emergency Communications Ontario Association strives to enhance the reliability, quality, and professionalism of Amateur Radio Emergency Service personnel through the establishment of training and performance standards, policies, procedures, management, and supervision of Amateur Radio Operators registered with this organization that may be activated to provide communications on behalf of the served agencies and clients requesting our assistance. 

The Emergency Communications Ontario Association pledges a commitment to preparedness and service in protection of public health, safety and welfare by encouraging innovative leadership and individual responsibility, which enhances the reliability and excellence of Amateur Radio Emergency Communications. We motivate Amateur Radio Operators to excel in all facets of emergency communications and recognize those who exemplify our EmComm philosophy. 

Roles and Responsibilities: 

1 - Work under the direction and supervision of Emergency Management Ontario and local municipal government agencies. 

2 - Participate in regular exercises sponsored by Emergency Management Ontario and local municipal government agencies. 

3 - Develop and maintain a training program to; 

•  Recruit and train interested volunteers from the public and private sectors to become federally licensed amateur radio operators in support of the Emergency Communications Ontario Association goals. 

•  Train radio operators in emergency communications methods and emergency operations centre procedures. 

•  Design regular simulated emergency exercises to prepare the Emergency Communications Ontario Association membership in a state of readiness for an actual emergency or disaster response. 

4 – Maintain and test, on a regular basis, radio equipment and antenna systems installed at Emergency Operations Centre’s throughout Ontario. 

5 – Develop and maintain a VHF/UHF linked communications network which can provide coverage for all of Ontario by working with local repeater owners and groups. 

6 – Establish and maintain HF communications links with the Ontario Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the National Traffic System. 

7 – Provide support to local level community EmComm / ARES groups throughout the province of Ontario. 

8 – Develop and maintain a website presence providing information to the general public, interested groups and individuals on our goals and operational practices in the interest of public safety and community service.

NGO’s and other Groups

It is the ECOA mission to develop closer working relationships with NGO’s and other groups of common interests;

- Red Cross
- Salvation Army
- St. John Ambulance
- Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio Service (CFARS)
- Canadian Forces Communications Groups


Membership will be open to all interested groups and individuals toward the goal of public service.
The ECOA is committed to provide membership support;

- Provide low-cost liability insurance
- Pursue Government funding and Grants to expand and build upon local and Province-wide communications networks
- Provide effective training material and resources

ECOA Directors Team